Chuck Sanders


Born in Anderson, SC 1978 (Lived in Honeapath, SC)

Chuck Sanders was Born in Anderson County Hospital (Now AnMed) on Wednesday Oct. 11th 1978. His interest in photography and video started at 10 Years old when his step father, William Clark, God rest his soul, purchased a VHS video camera for the family, and his mother purchased a 110 Film camera. Since that day, he has owned a camera at all times.

Chuck's first paying photography gig was in 2001 for a Band named Fourwood. This opened up a world of opportunity to experience low lighting and fast action and took a while to perfect. Chuck continued to shoot for that band and a few others for over 12 years. Those photos lead to the creation of Chuck Sanders Photography and Design.

Chuck Claims he doesn't focus on a single style of photography, but, wants to understand all styles of photography. This has lead him to some beautiful photos of all different styles. From abandon buildings to newborn babies, If he hasn't experienced a photoshoot like the one you need, he will figure it out!